New Music – LJ & The Sleeze

Is their anything as punk as penning a punchy brag track about having a small dick and no brain? We don’t think so.

LJ & The Sleeze are back with their latest single and it’s a catchy little banger.

Fuzzy feral riffs that wind around the verses with a fruity little bass bubble that sends a Southern Comfort and lemonade down the bar with a cheeky wink to the thundering drums.

The vocal refrain is oozing with sleazy appeal and irreverent charm. It doesn’t stray too far from the mantra like message but with emphasis and inflection conveys a punk poeticism that could be very well be consider inspirational.

The scholarly writer could dive deep into the ego death and upturned bravado that the track champions. How no matter what society tells you is holding you back, you can overcome it and get by regardless.

Or perhaps it is just a middle finger to the bougie bitches that spend so much time working on perfectly their sculpted bodies and improving their intellect.

LJ & The Sleeze put on a riotously rowdy show and then jump down into the front row to rub their sweaty armpits in the face of the awed amassed audience.

The in your face grit and guts of it is hacked up phlegm spit that leaves a snail trail as it dribbles down your cheek.

This is punk for a scene that has largely forgotten what it means. Blood, puss, sweat, and piss for the woefully sterile stereo.

Words by Matt Miles.

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