New Music – She Drew The Gun ‘Behave Myself’

With an effervescently bubbling synthy bass, their is a fuzzy fizzy playfulness to ‘Behave Myself’ that is at first seemingly at odds with the cuttingly sharp poignancy of its lyricism and message.

As you dive a little deeper into the soundscape and become entangled in its neon coloured web you realise that the beauty is in the dissonance and that it all hits a little more powerfully because of it.

There is a true poetry to both the delivery and wording of the lyrics and Louisa Roach further cements a legacy of unequalled excellence as a songwriter. The repetition of the line “and I will not behave myself” is a battlecry.

The Scouse in the accent pokes through on some lines more than others but it adds an authenticity and pride in working class roots that adds an electric shock and shiver.

The medium is the message and this music shakes a rebellious fist in the air while it expertly wiggles it’s hip and sashays a cheeky little two-step.

The instrumentation is understated but not subtle. There is a violent groove at the heart of it which whips up in energy as it dives into the chorus.

This is music not afraid to take a stance, both in experimental creativity and messaging. It’s pop with a studded-rainbow psychedelic-punk twist. It is a frothy beast that leaves you with giddy dizzy hiccups for hours after consumption.

Pre-order the upcoming album here.

Words by Matt Miles

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