New Music – Joyance ‘Diddy’

Violently loud and supercharged with a child like sugar-high frenzy, this is a track that manages to set the scene and turbocharge the speakers in a fraction of the runtime. In just over a minute and a half it feels like you’ve thrashed it out in the mosh-pit with them for hours.

As an introduction to the EP it’s taken from me ‘Diddy‘ is a stick of dynamite coated in candyfloss. Explosive energy with a sticky sugary sweetness that lingers on the skin long after the initial blast.

It has this feral aggression that is captivating to watch but in amongst the chaotic flurry of riffs and vocals is an intricate knowledge of the genre that is explored further later in the EP.

Lyrically the songs plays with the speed delivery of the phrase “did he”. It speaks about gossip and the fickleness of those that delight in it. It’s a fun take that is also incredibly sonically pleasing. It also has a strong reference and tip of the hat to the great Dee Dee Ramone, who clearly is a forming foundation of the overall sound.

When a song is so short it can be easy to write it off as not as interesting or complex. But that would be a mistake. There is so much to unravel and digest in this cataclysmic little blast that it is actually more difficult to review because of it.

This is a strong introduction to the EP by a band that are taking an old school sound and smelting it with some new influences and innovative experimentation via the cosmic force of a nuclear explosion. Check it out.

Words by Matt Miles

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