New Music – Rock Europa ‘Inbetween’

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With three albums already under his belt, Clayton Waller comes through with his latest project Rock Europa – His most polished and accomplished body of work to date. Setting foot into the setting of a professional recording studio, Waller took himself away from his DIY roots on this one and adds a definitive, sharp edge to his output. Creating somewhat of a storm on his local live circuit in Nashville, Rock Europa looks set to be picking up more heat as more and more of this new album drops.

‘Inbetween’ is littered with an element of folk-pop but Waller’s DIY background adds a element of lo-fi charm. Outlined beautifully in the accompanying video, Waller’s 80s tinged output continues to build his diverse portfolio of strong and exciting indie tunes and ‘Inbetween’ plays into this superbly. The melodies hint at British 90s pop-rock, whilst the guitars bring in an American edge to the track, ‘Inbetween’ is as catchy as it is dynamic and sets up what looks to be a very exciting year for the artist.

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