New Music – Robby Vee ‘Good Morning’

It can be very difficult and humbling to follow in the footsteps of a famous father. Robby Vee has carved out an incredibly impressive career carrying on in the honest and thoughtful rock and roll stylings of Bobby Vee. It’s a discography that only serves to improve and further the legacy of the Vee family.

Good Morning‘ begins with the tuneful twang that Robby Vee has become famous for. The guitar sings and throughout the track it provides a beautiful and emotive core that works wonderfully pumping blood at the heart of the song.

The guitar is joined by the soulful crooning of Robby Vee and his crisp warm vocals. The song is one of hope and positivity and this is expertly matched in the inflections and careful placement of each melody.

The lyrics themselves are honest, open, and easily understood. Like all good country it speaks straight from the heart and doesn’t spend too much time or energy hiding behind metaphor or simile, instead it lays out its message in language we can all understand, feel, and relate to.

It’s a song that looks to provide a friendly smile and a cosy shoulder to relax into. While retaining a sense of realism it admits that life can be hard sometimes, but instead of dwelling in it, it encourages the listener to step into the brighter feelings.

The instrumentation is much more complex and layered than just the beautiful guitar work of Robby Vee himself. There are whirlwind flourishes of fiddles, sumptuous bass lines, and energetic drums. Robby Vee music on record is a thing of beauty, with gorgeous production and an amazing sound, but you can always hear the full live band and stage show lurking underneath.

This is an amazing musician who is famous for absolutely bringing the house down live. Robby Vee is a wickedly talented song writer but it’s the stage where he truly calls home. We’re very much looking forward to the next tour of Robby Vee and His Rock’n’Roll Caravan.

Head over to the official Robby Vee website to stay up to date with new releases and tour dates.

Words by Matt Miles

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