New Music – Twice As High Records Split 7″ Single: United Duality/Double Eagle

United Duality delight with the cosmic groove of the bouncing organ and positive vibrations of the lyricism. Double Eagle have got a few qualms to share, but a filthy funky run on the synth keys is certainly not one.

Twice As High Records are looking to bring back some serious retro vibes with their gorgeous split 7″ single vinyl release.

Side A features United Duality‘s single Cheer Up which begins with this sparkling interstellar twinkle. It builds an atmosphere that becomes much warmer as the bass and other instrumentation joins in.

By the time the deliciously sweet vocals come in you are completely immersed. The track has an irrepressible upbeat energy that is mirrored in its lyrics.

The piano features prominently with a very emotive little turn in the breaks. After the first break the vocals come back with more gusto and energy. It feels like the BPM picks up as the positive message evolves.

Side B’s Qualm With That by Double Eagle provides a funky little foil and mirror to Side A.

The bassy run on the keys is joined again by the unmistakable sound of the organ. It is very cool, with an irresistible bop to it that will have heads a nodding and feet a tapping.

From the first repetition you can begin singing along easily and as with the first it has a rich and textured soundscape that becomes even chewier through a decent set of speakers.

Order the digital album or the limited press of the vinyl from their UK Bandcamp or their US Bandcamp depending on where you’re based.

Words by Matt Miles

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