New Music – RIFLE ‘The Flag’ Single Revew

RIFLE wave ‘The Flag’ of its proud punk pedigree from the British bastion of the London scene with their new EP recorded completely DIY for the price of a tube ticket.

It starts with a jangling surf rock riff but quickly pulls the board out from underneath to dive into the danger darker deep of daggering swaggering classic punk prowl.

The vocals are vicious and venomous, the guitars bite with bared tooth aggression, but behind it all is a polite British backbone, structure, and sonic sensibility that allows the anarchic chaos to soar with a subtle grace of sound.

The chorus is an oi oi anthem that manages to capture the soul of the scene of year’s gone by and breath a new electricity and complexity into it.

Short, sweet, and powerfully punchy, this is punk to the point, throwing both fists in the air and rushing right into the middle of the pit to flail limbs with reckless abandon.

The spirit of punk is alive and well, not to be found on the desk of a record exec or Spotify playlist. RIFLE prove you can make professional punk for a penny and then pound the pavement for PR.

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