New Music – Get The F*ck Outta Dodge ‘Original Pioneers Of Justice’ Single Review

Guitars are passé, 3 minute tracks are pop trash, GTFOD unleash an aural assault on just bass and drums that does in 1 minute what others struggle to achieve in a whole album; Pure, raw, explosive, punk pith, spit, and grit.

The fuzzed out bass chuggs out a juggernaut riff that emerges as a bloody and bruised behemoth beast from the feral resonance of the dissonant feedback static.

It is quickly joined in its cataclysmic chaotic rampage by the frenzy and fury snatched tooth and claw from the skin of the beleaguered battle worn drums.

This raucous noise is riotous rebel revelry that vibrates with the frequency of a middle finger stuck straight into the smug face of a particularly smarmy swan.

It has nothing to prove, no ego to stroke, no over inflated grandiose glorious purpose; its just balls to the walls anarchic orgasmic bombastic audastic audial bliss.

It sounds like two blokes going into their garage and uncaging old testament Biblical rage on their instruments, but the instruments are catholic and find the craven catharsis in the punishment to beg for more.

This is childlike punk playfulness, impish and mischievous, masterfully masking a cheeky smirk woven with a wink into the fabric of the sound.

The turbo charged reckless rocket fuel romp clocks in at just over a minute and leaves the listener in a dizzy daze dance drunk haze high off the fumes.

The fugue fuzz of gasoline guzzle grogginess lingers just long enough to trick you into thinking that what you heard was pustial primal primordial ooze, but don’t be fooled!

The complexity of GTFOD‘s intricate instrumentation and delicately layered soundscape is far more deceptively deep than it first appears. As you submerge yourself in the shallow sound you spied from shore, you’ll quickly find yourself gasping for air, flailing arms struggling to stay afloat in the immersive noise, the waters of which are dangerously addictive when imbibed, and the only way out is to drink the ocean dry.

Now you’ve had a little taste, head over to the GTFOD Bandcamp and drown yourself in the full 10 track experience.

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