New Music – Saloon Dion ‘HEY HEY’ Single Review

A wacky, weird, wriggling, wiggling weave with wormhole esque proportions of depth. Saloon Dion are as unique in sound as they are utterly enthralling in their monstrous mastery of mutant music mash-up. It is beautifully bizarre.

The track is perfecly positioned to please the “needs more cowbell” crowd with a beautifully balanced bop-bop peppered throughout and a measured frenzied escalation in the choruses.

The jangle of the central riff that weaves itself throughout the core of the song is addictive in the raw raucous roar of its rhythm. It mingles and merges with the track to provide a guiding hand through the sumptuous sonic soundscape.

Landing somewhere between IDLES, Devo, and The Stone Roses, Saloon Dion have a quintessentially British sound that has all the bite of modern era punk, but with the softer sung melodies of something a little more delightfully deranged and different.

Lyrically the song explores the destructive black and white framing of personal perfection. Dancing in the shades of shadows cast by the different traits that make up an individual, it is nuanced and mature song writing that is poetically playful, with a powerful punk punch summoned from the depth of its message.

This is an excellent introduction that showcases the skill and talent of an act not afraid to get a little gooey as they play in the primordial ooze of creativity that exists well outside the shallow sandbox structure “inside the box”.

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