New Music – Quitt ‘Draht’

A soaring soundscape that lets loose with full artillery once it’s fully built. It has a punk rock heart and a hard rock attention to the riff.

It begins with this growling lick on the guitar that ascends to the heavens. It has this beautifully airborne quality to it that spreads wings while the grounding of the fuzzy distortion keeps it from flying to close to the sun.

There is a subtlety to the drums and bass that provide a huge amount of noise without going into turbodrive during the build and verses. When it comes time to let loose in the chorus and breaks however they go from prowling to growling and attack the track with a feral energy.

The vocals are equally understated in the mix, but they are deployed with a daggering passion and performance that drills each line into the inner ear of the listener.

The progression of the track and its inevitable evolution is a thing of beauty, the production allows each individual part it’s time to shine but it’s in the cacophonous chaos of the frantic breaks that they all fit intricately into place.

Around the middle of the song is this serene little moment of peace, before it all comes back at double the decibels it was before. The final little flourish shoots a parting blow that leaves the entire track reveling in its vicious victory.

Words by Matt Miles

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