New Music – Karras ‘Delusional’

With the swagger of a funk fuelled master Karras dances atop a bubbling groove with effervescent skill and masterful lyricism.

In the world of underground hip-hop there are many cliques, clichés, and click-chasing sychopants. The art of making a sound entirely your own is often remarkably unchampioned.

Whether the mainstream or underground approve or not Kassels has managed to exist in his delusion long enough to craft something truly unique. The song details the journey, the doubt, the determination, and the deviant spirit that brought him to the party.

Lyrically there is a lot of flex to the multisyllabic and intricate rhyme schemes. For any old school or MC focused rap heads there is a great deal of skill behind the pen.

In terms of flow it has a fresh flex that swings in with a great deal of melodic sway and a keen ear for a pretty ditty or hook.

The beat behind it though is sheer perfection and it’s a funky, jazzy, groove fest from start to finish. Flourishing keys, broken drums, bubbling bass, it’s an absolute joy to hear an MC going bananas over this crazy beat.

The production is tight, the vocals are crisp, the instrumentation is addictively good. It all comes together to make a track that will have you reaching for the repeat before the last note finishes echoing out.

Words by Matt Miles.

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