New Music – Brandon Jack And The Artifacts ‘Boys C1ub’

With the wicked whip crack of its disco electro beat and the canine sharp smile of its satirical lyrics this is a track that is sure to leave a mark on the skin.

The track begins by happily flexing its electronica groove, the drip feed of the booming beat of the bass and the crisp hiss of the drums drives the first half.

It’s soon joined by the swaggering swerve of the vocals which dance a delightful little two step over the top of the beastly beat. It’s got indie rock god confidence but with a poetic focus on luscious lyricism that lands in superhero stance on the side of savage satire.

The track shifts around halfway through and the barebones of what came before is joined in with a wealth of new instrumentation. It breathes new life into the soundscape and the skeleton of the first half dances with renewed vigor thanks to the accompaniment.

While you listen and uncontrollably nod your head to the rhythm you might not notice how gorgeously well woven the layering of the track actually is. The production is phenomenal and as the second half continues to build each line, riff, and flourish sings out in the ebb and flow of it.

This project is positively crackling with the electricity of the creativity and passion that is being poured into it. The heart of it beats out a booming drum to the rhythm of its witty lyricism, but the skittering feet of the dancing instrumentation is what will keep the listeners coming back for more.

Its like The Dandy Warhols forsook their signature denim, put out the joint they were smoking, donned a neon colored jumpsuit, popped an E, and hit the disco.

Words by Matt Miles

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