New Music – Our Violet Room ‘Secrets’

Secrets‘ invites the listener in with the beckon of a sweet and soft whisper. Once you’re submerged in the soundscape it’s every bit as intoxicating and electric as the intimate connection that the song paints so vividly.

It begins the heartbeat of the bass and the soulful resonant chords strummed lovingly on the guitar. The tapestry of the song is fully embellished with other instrumentation that dances delicately around its core.

The vocal duties are shared by Matthew Birch and Estella Dawn, the interplay is captivating with the harmony mirroring the gentle loving embrace that is so carefully captured in the lyricism.

Lyrically it’s incredibly gentle and poetic. Rather than focusing on the heat and passion of a new relationship, it instead dives deeper into the unbridled intimacy built on trust, time, and shared secrets.

The song stokes the embers of this fire until it erupts into an inferno that celebrates such sacred shared experiences. There is a lot of true feeling poured into it and the passionate performance cherishes and champions the theme perfectly.

Words by Matt Miles.

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