New Music – Lost Tuesday Society ‘Lights’

Lured in by the beckoning sound of luscious four part vocal harmonies, when the fiddle joins in you are swiftly swept up in this uplifting and giddy experience.

Lights‘ is a dancing delight. As we emerge still blurry eyed from isolation into the real world tracks filled with vibrant energy from bottom to top is the exact elixir we need.

The refrain of “haven’t seen lights for awhile” is one we can all relate to. The volume and wattage of all the things we used to enjoy seems to have been turned up while we learn to readjust.

Lyrically the song dives a little deeper than that, Looking back at the darkness that took hold in the lights absence. It speaks of the creeping thoughts that lurk there, still skittering around in the shadows cast by the new light.

The track begins with the gorgeous vocal harmony that beats at the heart of the music. After the introduction is done the ferocious fiddling tears its way into the soundscape. It’s feral, it’s fun, and it’s incredibly lively.

The rest of the instrumentation comes in and out, joining the fray in moments where the added weight causes the track to sway one way before the fade rolls it back in the other in a delicate and dizzying dance.

Songs like this remind us what we’ve missed. There is heart, energy, and passion that bubbles through every note and cascades out there speaker.

Words by Matt Miles

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