New Music – Matthew Pinder ‘Cascade’

Cascade‘ ebbs and flows with the beautiful subtlety and immense raw power of a wave. As it caresses the shore with its captivating soundscape there is a build and swell in the passion and skillful songwriting that hints at the primal force that drives it.

It begins with the hauntingly bittersweet plucking of the guitar. There is a sense of home and belonging to the chords but they have a slight tinge of the minor key misery that hints at the arduous journey that brought them here.

It’s the mark of a truly talented songwriter that you can take a concrete lived experience and share it in such a way that is more universally relatable and open to interpretation.

Lyrically the song plays with the theme of finding yourself and taking the necessary time to reflect and make changes in the face of deteriorating mental health.

Knowing Matthew Pinder‘s story it is a beautiful recovery after the artist had to take time off from his music in order to heal. But the song manages to be much more open and offers wisdom and teaching to all with the care to listen and learn.

The song continues to swell until it builds itself into an unstoppable force that bursts through the dam holding it in to pour with a much brighter hopeful energy in the final minute.

Matthew Pinder is a truly talented musician that mixes raw open honesty with a poetic twist in order to create indie-folk masterpieces that touch the soul.

It’s genuinely heartwarming to have him writing again from a more healthy and whole place, the result of which is already proving to be some of his finest work to date.

Words by Matt Miles

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