New Music – Odd Numbers & Wallfella ‘Step Back’ Single Review

A record skips through a vintage vinyl beat laced with intelligent intricate lyrical depth; this is a timeless track that packs a punch.

The tickle of the piano has a super lo-fi chill to it as it leads into the crisp snap of the drum and the onslaught of the ensuing quick fire bars.

Step Back‘ has got some heavyweight wallop to every line. It is a righteous rant calling out modern day politics and the diversionary tactical focus on a single big issue instead of the many smaller ones that feed into and off of it.

Set-up lines like “abandon mental services then wonder why they went and died” lead into the knockout blow of “let’s all count the suicides and teardrops in those mothers’ eyes”.

Wallfella weaves a hypnotic dream with his schemes but the cadence and well crafted wordplay is weighted to make an impact.

Odd Numbers & Wallfella compliment eachother perfectly on this track. The hazy fugue state of the surreal beat paints lockdown visuals while the lyrics fingerpaint in crimson red much more important warnings.

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