New Music – Jiminil ‘The Killing Of The Sacred Buzzard’ Single Review

Telling a story through pure instrumentation is a mystical and magical art and this epic is one the listener will carry with them till their dying day.

It begins with the fluttering feathers of its infancy. It slowly grows and finds its wings with increasingly intricate pecking and plucking of the strings.

At around the two and a half minute mark it properly takes flight for the first time. It begins to rise into soaring crescendo and playful plummets as the guitar takes on a fuller and warmer tone.

This majestic ascent into the heavens expresses the simple and sacred divinity of the natural world. It connects with something very primal and pure and celebrates it beautifully.

At around the five minute mark we hear the first claps of thunder in the distance. Whether this is a very literal hunter, or the more metaphorical monster of steady industrialization, we start to feel a very palpable dread.

The song easily transitions into a much darker lament. Every note lingering just long enough to let the suns dying light glisten, reflected in the tear drop dew that clings to its refrain.

The final two minutes are almost an elegy or epitaph. They have the crushing emotive weight of every pounding shot and stomp that resound so poignantly through the climax.

Jiminil plays guitar as Shakespeare clutched his quill. It is unbelievably moving, and draws on a skill and mastery of the form that very few can match.

This is a mixed genre masterpiece. Taking the folk tradition of soulful storytelling and blending it with the intricate instrumentation and emotive sound of progressive rock.

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