New Music – Nrvs ‘I Like You’

A cosmic jam that vibrates at such a powerful frequency it can shake apart your very atoms. A filthy little bass riff underlines the score as aurora borealis in the form of the other instrumentation elegantly dances across the soundscape. This is just pure neon tinted madness and it’s truly beautiful.

The song evolves over the epic journey, it becomes more and more deranged and the echoes and distortions become more distorted. The central riff doesn’t stray too far from its home but everything around it gets lost in the interstellar static.

This feeling of dread and unease only serves to further the central theme of the track which is one of paranoia and insecurity. It examines the neediness of the human condition and our constant need for approval, not only in our lovers but in every day life too.

As with the music the vocals begin quite restrained and controlled but over the course of the song they dive deep into the frantic and freaky energy summoned by the lyrics and instruments.

Nrvs dive headfirst into the soundtrack of the rabbit hole. They create this rich and textured noise that never fails to surprise and delight. Just as you think you know what’s going on they bring in the soft sounds of the saxophone bouncing against what might just be a metal pole hitting a grate.

The drums are a driving force for the track and they never miss a beat, sending the song and the listener cartwheeling ever onward further and further into another dimension.

This is Gong for the modern age, a wacky, wild, weird ride, expertly crafted at the hands of masterful musicians.

Also, the music video is an epic in itself and well worth the watch.

Words by Matt Miles

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