New Music – Echo Lima ‘Grey Water’

From the very first crash of the drums you can feel that there is a raw and primal energy to the track. As the other instrumentation joins the fray you can hear a beautiful blend of different genres, all with a distinct fuzzy quality that creates a crazy hazy soundscape that it’s very easy to get completely lost in.

The vocals have this gravelly growl that reminds of bands like QOTSA, EODM, or Electric Six. It has an authenticity that lends itself perfectly to creating this rich emotive sound that hooks the listener in by the ear and drags them into the frenzy.

Lyrically the song dances with the concept of wading into the murky waters of a relationship, it plays beautifully with the extended metaphor of grey waters and the unknown. It isn’t afraid to lean on a strong refrain but has enough scope and variety to keep it fresh.

The guitar unsurprisingly plays a major part in the sound and it has this staggering, swaggering sway that provides the backbone of the track. There is a fuzzed out bass part that whips itself into a whirlwind around the raucous riffery and daggering stabs of the lead.

Echo Lima serves up a sound that is both familiar and utterly unique. It builds upon the desert punk sound but with a touch more melodic centre. It has a gallop to its sound that is summoned from the drums and jumps like sparks of electricity among the other instrumentation. It’s a big sound, and one we can’t get enough of.

Words by Matt Miles

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