New Music – New Me ‘Civilian Stuff’

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Californian indie pop band New Me are up to their old trick with their latest single ‘Civilian Stuff’. Its more light hearted, fun synth led sounds from the self described ‘dumb pop band’. Made up of many members of local bands, including Spooky Cigarette, New Me have picked up an astonishing amount of praise from their recent releases and look to carry on the good work with this new single.

Glittering synths and a bubbly energy shine on this one, with a typically whimsical vocal that at no point takes itself to seriously. ‘Civilian Stuff’ is a refreshing look at decades past, whilst maintaining a sound that fits so readily with this new wave of synth pop bands that are emerging all across the world. There is a dreamy atmosphere to boot with the new track and all the sounds converge to create this subtly infectious gem.

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