New Music – Kaktus ‘Basogape’




Hungarian art-rock band Kaktus recently released this gem of a new single ‘Basogape’. Originally a trio, the band have now expanded to fill their sound and bring new creative juices to the party. Kaktus have released a bunch of albums and singles since their inception and now look to continue their impressive back catalogue with more of the band’s signature sounds.

‘Basogape’ is a fuzzed out beauty, giving off sounds reminiscent of ‘Songs For The Deaf’ era QOTSA but with the melodic intent of bands such as Eagles Of Death Metal. As the track develops in enters into more intriguing territory with off-kilter instrumentation create a much more experimental vibe. At its core the track is nothing but a balls out rock track with a vicious energy, but with added layers of subtle, arty moments ‘Basogape’ emerges as much much more than this.

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