New Music – New Guardz ‘Lady Day’

Whiskey soaked jazz boombap beat that sips neat and sweet poured over the eloquent easy flow and intricate syllabic wordplay of the masterful MCs.

There is a distinct golden era shine to the effortless expertise of the carefully crafted bars. Every line hits with a rhyme that sits pretty and gets more gorgeous as the next one gorges on the scheme.

This is true perfection in the pen game and the graft only grows with each crisp couplet being delivered with finesse and fidelity.

The beat has a timeless quality, crackling through the speaker with a grandiose old school jazz scratch vinyl vibe, but it meshes masterfully with the apple crunch freshness of the drums.

The intro remains a standout in terms of lyrical lusciousness and the dizzying multisyllabic scheme begs you to hit rewind after the first 16 is done.

The track continues to grow and evolve with each MC adding to the narrative and skill as they come together in unity to deploy some dastardly and devilish diction.

Hip hop is clearly alive and well and the New Guardz have their finger right on the palpating pulse.

Words by Matt Miles.

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