New Music – N.A.V.E ‘This Is Hell’

Diving deep into the darkest depths this track shoves its head into the pitch black of the online rabbit hole of misinformation. Written in the wake of the Travis Scott Astroworld tradgedy it acts as a spine tingling cautionary tale.

The resonant vibration shakes your core as it creates an uneasy and dizzying dissonant soundscape that builds and buries itself in the creeping dread and paranoia.

The musicality of the piece manages to perfectly capture the majestic and beautiful open expanse of knowledge open to us while also prickling with the dark energies of its darkest corners.

Lyrically it’s very straightforward but beautifully delivered with emotive depth, building upon the theme of how easily and matter of fact these themes can be presented and tempt in the unwary.

We assume that the younger generations having grown up with these technologies and social media savvy had an innate defence against ridiculous insidious messaging that may get pull them off further down the spiral, but apparently they are just as susceptible

A masterfully built track with razor sharp messaging. This is definitely an artist we’d be happy to tumble down the rabbit hole with, sonic, savvy, and smart.

Words by Matt Miles.

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