New Music – Sonic Acrylic ‘Alternates’

Dissonant and distorted this is a soundscape that layers itself in the bristling brilliance of the outsider, finding beauty in the echo of an observed experience.

Frantic, frenzied, and frenetic, the main riff comes in with a daggering sharpness as it effortlessly see saws against itself. It is mirrored by the vocal melody that bounces back and forth across the opening refrain.

The lyrics are perfectly in sync with the music painting a picture of bossy commands from both an internal and external monologue. This is subtlety superb song writing that keeps you excited and engaged while offering up a deceptively deep bed to immerse yourself in under earth the shallow ecstasy of the sonic bliss.

When the song breaks to offer up something softer it’s a soothing balm to the busy energy of what came before. Here the emotive and honest poetry of the lyrics lay themselves open vein bare for all to see.

It isn’t shoe or navel gazing that sits at the core of the songs message, it’s ego death. There is no external force that can offer a solution, the fix is in acceptance and a go with the flow understanding of the often turbulent waters of the modern world.

While the verse bucks the prescribed medication of 2.4 children and a happy life, it also doesn’t condemn or chastise, finding its own Soul’s anthem elsewhere and finding contentment in discourse and difference.

Philosophically powerful, poetically poignant, and with an intricate instrumentation that just keeps building on a sonic journey that explodes into cosmic catharsis at its peak, this is truly epic songwriting and we feel humbled for the pilgrimage.

Words by Matt Miles.

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