New Music – Natty Reeves ‘Waking Up Late’




Natty Reeves, maybe you’ve never heard of him but maybe you should have. The new single comes through as another mellow offering to add to a long back catalogue of chilled RnB infused indie hits. Natty’s relaxed take on a mix of genres has earned him plaudits across the online tastemaker world and as the young artist moves deeper into 2019 you can only assume you’re about to hear alot more from him.

‘Waking Up Late’ has the soulful, modern qualities that artist like Tom Misch are bringing to the table. With ultra mellow guitars setting the mood for the seductive new track, Natty’s gorgeous, lush vocal really has the chance to shine. There is serious talent here that brings through sounds from a range of influences from hip hop to rock and all of which are evident in this superb offering.

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