New Music – Mike Mitch X Padre Toxico ‘Million Dollar Thoughts’ Single Review

An old school soul with nostalgiac nuance in the beat and passionate poetry in the pen ‘Million Dollar Thoughts‘ puts value back into mindfulness and music with meaning.

Mike Mitch is an MC that flows languidly smooth with language to prove that heart and head are have much more worth and depth than shallow pool posturing.

Every line shines with crisp delivery and syllabic schemes that demonstrate a clear respect for the creativity of the craft.

The track has this timeless energy that creates an atmospheric landscape peppered with the crunchy crack of the drums and the lovely lilting mood of the music.

The music melts into the soundscape of the song as a whole, it is oozing with a smooth groove that might be overlooked but the intricacy of it is masterful upon more careful inspection.

The vocals are balanced and perfectly placed at the peak of the mix, which allows the listener to be consumed by the hypnotic quality summoned by the passionate poetry and sick lit wit slick fit with quick flick of multisyllabic scheme and skill.

‘Million Dollar Thoughts’ is an excellent introduction, it flexes with frenzied speed in places but doesn’t break the beat to do so.

It is simultaneously laid back and energetically emotive with the promise and prowess of powerful poetic passionate penmanship and pure raw truth and expression.

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