New Music – Empire Bathtub ‘Prepare For War’ Single Review

Playfully pouncing onto your speakers with a jangling riff and dizzying dance of drums, ‘Prepare For War‘ is a mission statement that combines explosive force with intricate instrumentation, masterful musicality, and first pumping powerful prowess.

The track ranges through soundscapes and sections that if played in isolation could easily be different songs entirely. They are woven together with such beautiful skill that it creates an epic journey that sticks in the memory.

Such a massive sound and scope of structure runs the risk of becoming stale or stagnant if taken too seriously. Empire Bathtub never stray into shallow waters though by making sure they are having as much fun as the listener.

Prepare For War‘ skips, bounces, and frolics through the fog of its surreal sound and abstract lyrical concept. The range of vocals is as varied as the musical bed with punchy punk passages, doom fuelled deathgrowl dirges, and vicious vintage progrock vignettes.

The song can be enjoyed in isolation as an introduction to the band, but its place within the saga of the Loony Moons trilogy of albums should be noted for artistic appreciation and accolade.

Return Of The Fuh King is the third installment of the trilogy and is an evolution and elevation of the acts truly unique and utterly captivating sound.

It has a mesmeric musicality that beckons you ever deeper into the immersive depth of the perfect production and powerful poetic punch of the progression.

If you are as entranced by this magical musical madness as we are then you can dive into the first two albums and the narrative as a whole below.

We advise that you do to get yourself ready for the rocketship launch of the third installment in this creative cosmic collection.

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