New Music – Cassels ‘Beth’s Recurring Dream’

Exploding onto your speakers with finesse and frenetic fury the powerkeg of intricate instrumentation is matched in power and prowess by the passionate poetry of its lyrical narative.

The musicality of the track is established with a raucous energy that buzzes with the emotive angst that beats at its heart. Music and lyricism in perfect synergy.

As the song progresses it bares the fragile flesh and blood soaked scars of its story. Through the lens of the titular character Beth we are introduced to a universally relatable tale of identity crisis and the problematic paralysis of hope.

Beth is unfulfilled, living a life that doesn’t sing with the beautiful frequency of the truth that vibrates in her raw pure core. Her soul buzzes with the dangerous dissonance of dishonest disguise.

It’s a dance of denial that can be keenly felt by a broad spectrum of souls forced to mask their nature in order to meet the percieved societal expecations of the worlds they inhabit.

Living in hope, Beth holds her breath, waiting for the tomorrow when she can “one day, maybe”, finally embrace her “petrified sexuality”.

The songwriting shows off the carefully creative constrution and craftmanship Cassels is capable of with a duality of interpretation.

‘Beth’s Recurring Dream’ can be taken on face value to be a heartfelt anthem for “otherness” and a celebration of the true selves that often exist beneath societies superficial surface.

Dig a little deeper though and the poetic parable is more of a call to action and a rebellious rallying cry. The dream of an easy exit from the shadows can counterintuively keep you lurking in the murky dark.

It takes the promise of proactive pounce and painful push to create the cataclysm of collission cracked chyrsallis vision; friction fissure fractal freedom emerging imbued with the truth of rainbow rebirth radiance on the other side.

Cassels create sonic short stories rather than songs and so it is easy to be swept up in the rich narrative and nuance of the painfully poetic lyrics, even this review does just that to the disservice of the truly stupefying splendour of the soundscape itself.

In structure, scope, and evocative language of sound, the melodies and music bolster the concrete heavy weight burden of purpose tethered to the bouncing bouyant beat of dangle dance feet, dragged down to the drowning depths of dueling dualism in lyricism.

We could extract and qoute any one line at random from the song to prove just how juicy smooth they ooze through you, but the muse moves mute unfuelled by the fused truth groove of the tune.

Cassels creativity of craft, subtlety in soulful story telling, and expansive evocative experimental sound maintains mainstream appeal with the meaning and melody of an artistically abstract cult classic.

Which is to say more simply; Cassels can be enjoyed in their rowdy radio friendly rhythm just as completely as in the complex collection of carefully curated short stories behind every song.

When I find myself getting this pathetically poetic in a review you can blame the ignition of inspiration on the magnitude of movement stirred up by the music. In succinct summation: Cassels are a poet’s wet dream.

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