New Music – Maybird ‘To You’




Forming in 2013 in New York, four piece psych rock band Maybird deliver their new single ‘To You’. It’s been a long road for Maybird, but having signed to 30th Century records for the release of their 2016 debut EP that band have not looked back. With plaudits amassing through the press world and a new LP in the pipeline the band are reaching the heights that their hard work deserves.

The latest single opens with funky basslines and a vintage tinged vocal that sets the tone for whats to come. With jangly guitars entering the mix, the track instantly takes on a very modern feeling with warm, falsetto vocals adding a dreamy feeling across the track. There is an inherent energy about ‘To You’ that is never overstated, it pulses away without needing recognition, driving the track forward. A glorious offering from a band that have honed in on their signature sound.

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