New Music – Mac James ‘Fallen’ Single Review

Ridiculously raunchy rhythm and sugar sweet soulful melody plucked with the caress of fingertips on strings to tell a love story pure, raw, and wholesomely heartfelt.

It is impossible not to be swept up in the joyous and playful flirtation of the track. It instantly immerses you in its rose tinted world.

Lyrically it begins as most amorous odes do, but it very quickly establishes a much more mature and eternal tenderness.

As passion subsides it is replaced by a stronger fire, a flame that burns brighter every day ignited in companionship and compassion.

Rather than plead for shaken hips, puckered lips, and superficial skin, ‘Fallen’ instead asks for finger to place a ring around.

It shouldn’t be such a breath of fresh air to hear a genuine love song proposing a proposal but it is, and it brings a smile.

But it isn’t just charming in content, but in musicality and arrangement too. The vocals are emotive and every word sings with the truth poured into it. The guitar dances with the giddy glee mood of the groove.

Valentines Day can keep its tomorrow’s trash cards and cheap chocolates, I want someone to write me my ‘Fallen’.

Congratulations on your engagement Mac James. A blissful melody.

Words by Matt Miles.

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