New Music – Sonika Howl ‘Pieces’ Single Review

With the slow fuzzy fizzing promise of explosive force lit with the burning wick of the intro, the tracks massive chorus and electrifying verses live up to the cataclysmic hype.

The song has dynamite like impact, with pieces of “Pieces” flung far from the point of ignition. The evolution of it’s poignant and powerful progress is mesmerising. You’ll find yourself plucking the meat of different riffs and vocals lines from your head long after the initial listen.

As you plunge into the first verse you can feel the expansive scope of the soundscape as it breathes, slowly it reconnects the pieces of the sound until they are a psychedlic inferno of many different colours, sounds, and textures.

The productino is phenomenal allowing the beautifully intricate instrumentation to shine through and allowing the listener to get completely lost in the mix following the beckoning finger of a different riff or melody every listen.

Lyrically the song opens the windows of its heart to let in the fresh air. It takes a breath in and centres itself in order to reject the bitterness that bites at the distracted soul. Move forward, leave those bad feelings behind.

The message meets the music masterfully as it builds and builds into that final triumphant and anthemic conclusion. The vocals effortlessly switch from growling power to soulful croon.

The jangling guitars and driving drums create this groovy sonic universe that has a sepia tone of vintage Americana mixed in with the fresh pine scent of the Scandinavian forests the band call home.

Sonika Howl are tapping into an old school groove infused with the smooth truth of youth juice to muse something beautifully new. This isn’t just the latest trendy revival, this is honest rebirth. Every note vibrates with the frequency of the divine creativity that went into it.

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