New Music – Gabrielle Ornate ‘Spirit Of The Times’ Single Review

Exploding from the speaker with kaleidoscopic  hue, the electrifying synths of this audial assault instantly establish the energetic and powerful fire that smoulders at the heart of the track.

There is a slapping funky bass line that bounces through the bosom of the musical bed. Distorted and dizzying the delightful disco groove punches with a head splitting urgency that cracks the listeners head and heart open with primal force.

From the rubble and ruin left in the wake of the cataclysmic intro a phoenix ascends with the careful weaving of the vocals. It retains the fury and passion that preceded it, equally as awesome but measurably more graceful.

Lyrically is it about rebirth. About harassing the divine that lives inside and soaring on the wings it gifts. Giving into the rushing flow of a magical moment of clarity and allowing it to ignite into an inferno.

It speaks of darker moments of despair and depression but takes the shadows to fingerprint a bold outline of something much more colorful.

The arrangement of the song is an evolution that mirrors the content and concept. It has a crimson pulsing bloody honesty in sound and poetic progression. There is snarling growling ferocious emotive feeling that cuts dagger sharp shapes on the dance floor of the tracks more mellow spaces.

This is mature and beautiful songwriting that manifests and moulds the ying and yang of its inspiration. It is soulful and smooth, but also thunderous in impact.

Words by Matt Miles.

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