New Music – Kana Shimanuki ‘Holding Back The Hands Of Time’ Single Review

A timeless classic that crackles with vinyl vintage as it it distorts and dazzles with bossa nova beauty, sitting pretty vignetted through the frame of a wormhole through the fabric of a love lost year by year.

The track star wipes in with an instantly recognisable meloncholic musicality. Its warm and welcoming, but there is a bittersweet tang to the nostalgic bliss.

Kana Shimanuki‘s voice soon begins to dance atop the soundscape with a sultry and smooth soulful croon. It feels like velvet on flesh, tastes like melting chocolate on tongue, tickles like a whisper but moves you like a battlecry.

Purring through the poetry of the lyrics, her voice is perfectly suited to deliver both the tenderness and the tearjerking honesty of its heart breaking realism.

Somehow the song is simultaneously one of the sadness of fading love, yet also manages to dive into an ethereal mystic space outside of time to cherish hope and what affection remains.

This is beautiful song writing. Nuanced, masterfully arranged, and sumptuously layered.

Words by Matt Miles.

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