New Music – Bandicoot ‘Life, Death, & Other Things’

With juddering keys, fuzzy bass licks, and a chompy swaggering beat this track serves up just as much existential groove as the ice cool poetry of its title.

It begins with the train track locomotion of the pulsing keys. This is joined by the funky fresh flex of the hiss and snap on the drums. At the bottom of the track is the prowling growl of the hazy crazy bass line.

Lyrically it imagines a world where poetry spills easily from pursed lips in notes more beautiful than the sweet serenade of cherubim angels. Instead of reality; where we find both feet shoved so deep in our mouth we can taste the minty taste the gum stuck to the sole.

There is an evolution to the track as it marches it’s way through your speaker, sitting pretty in the middle is an extended instrumental break where the jazzier and flashier side of the tight coordination gets its chance to flash a cheeky wink.

The guitar skitters and stutters streaking electric lead lines that flash dazzling bright and leave a wicked echo light on the inside of your eyelids when you blink. The horns belt out an almost choral like refrain that brings the whole track home every time it joins in.

Bandicoot sound a little like if Ben Folds Five took a hero dose of acid and then lead the jazz jam band at a music based band camp. There is an exciting energy and experimentation that electrifies the listener and leaves them buzzing.

It’s music not afraid to get a little weird, it wiggles and weaves with a confidence that captivates.

Words by Matt Miles

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