New Music – Lolita Terrorist Sounds ‘Prison Song’

A dark dance with the devil in the neon glow of  a gothic discotheque. Menacing and abrasive aggression is tenderly tamed juxtaposed against the beautiful melody and driving rhythm.

Lyrically it is as bleak as you might expect a song set in prison might be. It alludes to a genuine period of incarceration but also poetically dabbles with the feelings of isolation and loss.

Pumping an electric art into the heart of their Avant Garde sound Lolita Terrorist Sounds are a bohemian breath of smoke machine hazy air.

They attack the scene with the dangerous and devilishly addictive growl of a retro post punk sound, but temper it with the crooning lyrical finesse of the inimitable greats like Cave, Bowie, or Bolan.

The driving distorted guitar line leads the track like the pies Piper spiraling deeper and deeper down into the depths of the pain and misery of the narrative.

The soundscape is beautifully curated with screeching and squealing flourishes that perfectly paint the picture of the mental anguish so poignantly penned.

Sitting pretty in the middle of the track is this haunting piano refrain that clashes against the mechanical drums and screaming guitar slides, leaving the listener to dance in the dissonance.

Words by Matt Miles.

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