New Music – Possum Belly ‘As Above, So Below’

Blending the fizz of Americana with a sip of good ol’ blues, and shooting it back with a couple shots of hard rock, this is a sound that will leave you dizzy after just a little taste.

It has a staggering anthemic old school flavour with a loud and proud grunge pedigree that effortlessly weaves awe inducing and powerfully felt chorus hooks.

In terms of technical skill though they hold nothing back. The guitar licks are luscious and legendary, the drums tap into a primal nature to deliver a torrential rhythm.

Vocally, there are few who can easily navigate through their lower and upper ends. It’s an unforgettable voice that instantly calls to mind Incubus or Soundgarden. The emotive excellence is matched only by the soaring song heights.

Incredibly smooth for a track so spiked with jagged, bone juddering depth and power, this is a sound entirely its own and completely immersive.

Recorded it’s sonic bliss, but it teases at the jaw dropping ferocity of the live show.

Words by Matt Miles.

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