New Music – First Frontier ‘Break Away’

Frenzied drums rain down with torrential force whilst the menacing guitar chugs through a truly collosal riff. The vocals soar atop of this musical maelstrom to deliver a dagger sharp message.

From the very first distorted and driven feral guitar lick, ‘Break Away’ establishes its powerful promise and poignant anthemic mantra. This is a song that empowers the listener with the growling righteous fury that shines out from it’s stunning soul.

Lyrically it’s beautifully well constructed with nuance and maturity to remain ambiguous and relatable while delivering enough concrete weighting to wield its juggernaut blow with finesse.

Open to intepretation it may be about breaking away from consumerism and companies that value profit over people, maybe you need to break away from a toxic relationship, maybe you just need to break away from a stressful situation for a moment and breathe.

Whatever it is that connects the song to you it has a riotous rhythm and meandering melody that engages and excites through the verses, leading into a punk rock punching chorus that begs you to join in the rebel yell.

The raw and pure power that courses like electricity through the track is energising, it’s hard to listen to this one and not feel infused with the feel good flavour of its intent and healing hope.

Words by Matt Miles.

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