New Music – King Casio ‘Say The Thing That You Forgot’

The haunting ghost of a dying relationship that plays out its spectral sonata on the keys as well as the hazy fuzz of the luscious lyricism.

The track begins with the slow death march of the tickled ivories. They stomp through a mechanical rhythm that somehow taps into this highly evocative and emotive nostalgia.

When the lyrics come in they begin to paint this painful picture of love lost. They dance in the dissonant dream realm as they try to grasp onto the fleeing fleeting memory.

As the track begins to build and come together the rich instrumentation and soundscape swells and cascades, dragging the listener into its immersive undertow.

The ghostly resonant note that comes through from the harmonica is a perfect example of how less can sometimes be more. It adds so much to the fabric of the song without overstepping. There are little flourishes from different instruments and sounds like this that weave themselves gorgeously into the tonal tapestry.

The vocal performance is powerful, tapping into the poetry and emotion of the lyrics. It is bittersweet, not spending too much time in morose feelings of regret or sadness, but rather celebrating what once was, and lamenting its end.

It’s mature song writing, using the experience to examine, reflect, and build back stronger. The nuance and duality of the emotions felt are beautifully displayed in the tender tone and poetic pondering.

This is a track that showcases the intricate instrumentation and poignant pen of the act in equal measure. The progression, production, and passion that went into the track is a powerful potion, it manages to serve up a haunting nostalgic ennui with a sparkling glimmer of hope and better tomorrows glinting at its core.

Words by Matt Miles.

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