New Music – LJ & The Sleeze ‘Cocaine’

It’s time to get sleazy with some greasy guitar riffs, groovy porn vibe bass, big drums, and drawling high energy old school punk vocals.

The bass leads into the song and its enticing enough that you’re already invested. Which is a great benefit as LJ & The Sleeze aren’t looking to make friends with easy PG lyrics.

The lyricism is violently offensive, put in true punk form it is poking fun through a lens of sardonic wit. Vocally it’s delivered with an at times monotone slur that sells the whacked out vibe of the drug addled narrative.

The music itself furthers the trippy vibes with the slow off kilter BPM that sounds like the growling guitars have been dragged through tar.

As a statement of intent it’s a great introduction to a new punk sound. Taking its sound from classic 80s American punk and mixing it with a new groove and irreverent humour bred in the 90s.

It has a vintage flex but renews and reinvigorates the sound for a modern ear. You can tell from the sound that it would be a sweaty old moshfest live.

Grab the debut EP ‘Put Something Sleezy Between Your Legs’ and stay tuned for the upcoming release.

Words by Matt Miles

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