New Music – KLEPTO ‘The Broken Summer Song’

Strolling in with the effortless cool of the iconic indie rock band, KLEPTO lay claim to a forgotten sound and make it entirely their own.

Jangling guitars, crooning vocals, and roaring drum beats, ‘The Broken Summer Song’ has a nostalgic feel to it. Like that hot summer when The Strokes were number 1, you fell in love, and magnum released the 7 deadly sins flavours. As the ice cream melts away so do the intensity of these memories.

This is really mature songwriting both in content and in the texturing and instrumentation of the soundscape. The guitar and the bass take centre stage, bubbling away at the tracks core, but the drums and the keys play an integral role in fleshing it out.

Lyrically it is easy to dive into the narrative of the song. It has poetic flourishes but a fairly concrete central line about young love hot summer.

There is a break at around the 2 minute mark that takes the instruments a little flex. The guitar steps forward with a scorchingly swaggering solo. We dive back into the track and as the bass rejoins it feels even more thunderous than before. The intricate and relentless bass line tickling the inner ear.

KLEPTO ooze the confidence and style of an established and legendary act, young talent that knows itself and its sound intimately. We can’t wait to see these boys blowing up.

Words by Matt Miles

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