New Music – The Cookie Jar Complot ‘NEO’

Coming in with an irrepressibly charming swagger, this is a soundscape built with confidence and executed with great skill.

NEO bounces from one refrain to the next with each building on the energy and texture of the one that came before so by the climax you have ascended past the clouds into the stars.

There is this gorgeous rich, pure and clean tone to every string plucked and the joy is as obvious in the player as the listener.

Math rock is the obvious successor to jazz, an evolution. It writhes in the electricity of its own divine creativity, born from the mastery of music and instrument.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso

There is this descending run on the guitar that acts as a constant through the song. Although it has a feeling of home, practically every time it is played there is something slightly different to pitch, key, or order. It’s beautiful.

The Cookie Jar Complot serve up chunky, chewy instrumental music that gets the blood pumping. The electric energy is overflowing and will easily find its way into moving your feet.

Words by Matt Miles

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