New Music – K ‘I See Right Through’

K is a musician and artist that exists on another plane of reality entirely. Emerging in moments of visceral clarity from amongst the buzzing static of a broken television set.

There is something dissonant and broken about the glitchy soundscape that makes up the music, but within the fuzzy fever dream are spikes of instrumentation and vocal intrigue that draw you in and consume you.

The artist and the ever growing body of work they have created has been consistently weaving a narrative that wanders from music video to music video in a dystopian fugue state.

The main character of the plague doctor is painfully apt for the tumultuous time we are in and the lonely and barren world he seems to exist in is equally eerie.

In ‘I See Right Through‘ we see the protagonist once again clambering for the comfort or familiarity of the TV or cinema screen.

The stunning visuals are perfectly suited and in keeping with the vibe creating a broken nostalgia that evokes the warm fuzzy feeling of children’s TV but with a green oozing pestilence gnawing at its edges.

The music itself is similarly artistic and full of interesting instrumentation and classical elements. It has this crackling record player vintage aesthetic to the sound, that also serves up arrangements and melodic moments that feel like they’re straight out of a Fred Astaire movie.

It doesn’t allow the listener to get too comfortable though and the sound also fractures and glitches with static and moments of disconnect that leave it floating in grotesquely engrossing flourishes of disconnect.

Lyrically the song is as fractured, honest, and unsure as the musical accompaniment at the outset, but about the midway point with the introduction of the soulful, soothing, songstress Baine it begins to knit itself back together.

The song follows the narrative allowing the feel good vibrations to nourish and nurture the sound allowing the groove and rhythm to blossom.

Over the course of this one track you are taken on a journey and the evolution in the sound is truly awesome.

The project as a whole is even more spellbinding, it provides a truly unique music and magic that you can lose yourself immersing yourself in.

We cannot wait to watch it evolve further.

Words by Matt Miles.

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