New Music – CLT DRP ‘Ownership’

A sinister and deep dark soundscape that embeds itself in your very atoms at the tip of an aggressive unleashed fury in the ecstasy of the climaxing choruses.

Cutting an effortless cool and razor sharp silhouette in the dancehall shadow somewhere between the buzz of an EDM concert and the fuzz of a punk gig CLT DRP is drawing an eager crowd from both.

The track begins with an explosive bass line that trembles the floor and tickles its way through your skeleton alongside the crawl of the guitar line.

The vocals come in at first with a sultry bit lip smoothness that whispers an enticing call to draw the listener in close enough to taste.

When the track reaches the first cataclysmic chorus the soundscape quivers in the anticipation dropping out before it comes back with knee buckling force all frenzy and fury.

The drums are absolutely feral, the vocals reach a feverish freakout, and the guitar goes into solar meltdown.

The progression of the track and its evolution is a thing of raw pure beauty, but the lyrical depth and sleight of hand hiding a powerful and righteous message behind the playful tongue in cheek is the real wizardry here.

CLT DRP are a band not afraid to bare fangs, with their music, creating songs that swing violent fists at the idiocy in their way to take the podium.

Taking the energy and power of punk and distorting it into the dangerous and addictive electric buzz, fuzz, and tingle of EDM, this is a sound that is as exciting as it is experimental.

Words by Matt Miles.

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