New Music – BlueMelt ‘The Cube & The Key (Part 1)’

Collosal riffs and furious drums create a soaring soundscape that floats effortlessly atop the always ascending progression of the album.

The EP begins with the mission statement of ‘Stranger‘, the lead guitar steps into the limelight shredding through riffs that could bring a grown man to his knees.

There is a classic rock feel to the energy and style but it’s elevated with a virtuoso virility to that you can hear in the pitch perfect picking and placement.

Every string sings with an emotive and energising honesty that easily replaces the need for lyrics or vocals by the sheer force of the guitars wailing lament.

The second track ‘The Cube And The Key‘ continues where the first left off, where track 1 felt like a jet plane cruise through the sky, track 2 is a little harder, much more grounded and earthy.

With ‘Miles Away (Dreaming)‘ we are introduced to a softer side to the sound. Existing in the liminal space between sleep and consciousness the instrumentation plays with a fairytale frenetic frenzy.

There is a different flavour to ‘Another Glass Of Red‘ entirely and it leaves it’s bluesy crimson red stain on the lips. A good ol’ country drinking song for the big city it trades the beers and bars in its lyrics for wine and dating apps.

Singing of the loneliness of city life it’s a cleverly written take on the common themes of the genre with a heartbreaking honesty and emotion to the lyrics and vocal performance.

Sin‘ is my favourite of the two songs with vocals on the EP. The lyrics are dagger sharp and the belting bluesy chorus reminds vividly of early Black Sabbath.

The swing and twang of the guitar is easily matched by the swaggering swoon of the vocals and it all comes together in perfect accord.

The EP’s finale comes in the form of ‘Close Enough‘ which falls much more obviously into the minor key picking out a beautifully paced and heartfelt lament on the guitar strings.

It has been a trying time for musicians with the usual outlets and paying gigs having been unceremoniously taken away for such a long time.

This EP was born from the uncertainty, with the passion, focus, and raw talent that may have otherwise been on the gig circuit.

It has that garage rock flavour; that local musician who you never want to miss as they rotate their way through the gig circuit.

It’s obvious that BlueMelt has the sheer technical brilliance to blow you away with an electrifying live show, but taking the time to tame that roaring beast and get it into the studio speaks of the grit and passion the musician has.

Check out BlueMelt on Bandcamp and grab a copy of the EP to stay tuned for part 2.

Words by Matt Miles.

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