New Music – Ellevator ‘Easy’

With a thunderous synth soundtrack to back it up ‘Easy‘ is an anthem for the mistakes and missteps we learn on the path to finding ourselves. Sonorous vocals take flight reaching angelic heights lifted on the rushing drafts of the massive riffs and intricately layered soundscape.

This is a phenomenal sound with that new car fresh aroma that tingles the senses as you breath it in. It has an eye and ear for the influences and bands that carved the path but everything about it feels revitalised and reimagined.

It starts with the thumping slap of the drums and bubbling bass of the synthy keys. There is this building rush that sweeps underneath before it explodes onto the track alongside the vocals. The track continues to build with this euphoric sense of climax as it twirls and dances into the first chorus.

Lyrically it’s powerful, poetic, prophetic, and painfully emotive. It tells the story of youth, twisted by the agenda of religion or community. It’s incredibly mature song writing and as it peers back into the past it picks out both the bad and good influences and impacts. It is easy to relate to and even if you haven’t had the exact same shared experience the strength of some of the individual lines make them shine with a truly dazzling brilliance.

Like songs you wrote to god and gave away to everyone

There is a strong and passionate energy that burrows itself into the fabric of the song from the razor sharp edge of the lyricism and emotive vocal performance. It mingles and merges with the instrumentation to create this buzzing and beautifully textured sound that resonates and continues to hum long after the song is over.

‘Easy’ is the first single from the upcoming album and if this is a taste of what is to come then it’s going to an unforgettable experience.

Words by Matt Miles

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