New Music – Jane’s Party ‘Satellite’

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Canadian quartet Jane’s Party offer up the latest single from their fourth studio album, ‘Casual Island’, in the form of ‘Satellite’. With themes of politics, relationships and human nature seeping into, the band’s latest body of work is surely their most accomplished to date with a sense of added maturity from previous offerings. ‘Casual Island’ began as a set of home studio demos inspired by the band’s experience supporting Tom Odell on his European tour in 2016.

‘Satellite’ has that slightly commercial edge to it, but without having that sell-out sound to it. It’s infectious and upbeat with a sublime vocal that is easy to get on board with, a real toe-tapper if you will. The guitars have an energy that is catching and bring through an anthemic atmosphere to the track that any stadium sized band would be proud to produce. Underneath of a fairly straight forward, albeit totally captivating,  indie rock sound there lays an supremely interesting percussion that touches base with a range of genres and influences and makes the track stand out as something that has clearly been crafted by nothing less than consummate professionals.

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