New Music – Bony Macaroni ‘France’

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Bony Macaroni are on a mission to make ‘self-loathing cool again’. The dutch band claim that ‘previous failed attempts at life in general’ have pushed them to stand up and start making music again, and that’s exactly what they have done with the release of their debut EP last week. With track titles including ‘Piece of Shit’ and ‘Doom’, and their general outlook, there seems to be a brutal honestly about these guys and we can definitely get on board with that.

New single ‘France’ has a upbeat, carefree feeling about it and is full to the brim with classic pop punk tones. This feeling really stems from the vocal with that typical east-coast tinge and there is a no frills feeling about ‘France’ just straight up energetic, fun rock music. One thing you can take away from this single is that you’d hope these guys will be touring fairly extensively as their live show should be a must see.

Speaking on the track the band explain; “This song is about the summer before i went to college. Me and my friends planned our first big roadtrip together, and we did a bad job”

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