New Music – King-Mob ‘Confetti Stars’ Single Review

A dark, atmospheric, and ridiculously thick and textured sound that oozes an effortless cool, King-Mob are a little like Queens of the Stone Age mashed up with A Place To Bury Strangers. Basically, turbo-mega-mondo-cool-3000.

It starts out fairly quietly, a simple pulsing drum, which quickly morphs slightly with a skip and a hop added in, then comes the roar of the building soundscape as the distorted fuzz of the guitar and the gravelly vocals layer in over top. This proggy little soup is left to simmer through until it is hit by the meaty meteorite of the monstrous chugging chorus riff. It splatters little bits of the sound all around the room as the drums dive into a deathspin, and the listener cannot help but smash their head aggressively in time with the rhythm.

‘Confetti Stars’ is like a beautiful starry night, but then those chunky riffs kick in and you are watching that same starry night with 3D glasses on and everything is bursting rainbows and supernovas straight to the face. Lyrically it dabbles with fairly abstract shapes, but touches on themes of mortality, perception, and time to weave an galactic epic plucked from the cosmos itself.

King-Mob manage to make a viscous and nutritious amount of noise for a two-piece, the progression, density, and depth of the track reminds of Royal Blood and it hits with a similar feel good flavor. This is a monumentally massive sound that looms over you and leaves your ears ringing once it fades away. But as the tinnitus settles in, you will inevitably be begging for more.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Stutter Pulse EP.

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