New Music – B-Xleven ‘Negatron’

A hypnotic and hallucinogenic trip that draws you close enough with its soft and sensual whispers that when the time comes for the shift in gear you’re completely immersed in the torrential force of it.

It pulses with an almost shamanic energy that owes a lot to the percussive tone of the track which sounds like it’s played on bamboo or tree bark with the snare of sliding rainmaker seeds shaken in for good measure.

The core melodic element sounds like could be a digiridoo or bassy stringed instrument, but either way it lens in to the vision quest nature of the songs soul.

As you fall into the trance of its rhythm you blink to wake up butt naked, in the middle of the jungle at midnight. The music surrounds you flowing in through the trees and vibrating up from the silky soft mossy floor.

You become swept up in it and as you start to sway along with the pulsing beat, fireflies suddenly start to glow with neon rave energy in every direction. They bob and weave a waggledance to the pace you set in motion.

There is something very tribal about EDM like this. It unites us all as a community of unspoken understanding as we gather in powerful prayer at the altar of the DJ. A universal language of sweat, sway, and soul.

Words by Matt Miles.

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