New Music – aboynamedblu ‘POSH BOYS CAN’T DO DRUGS’

With its manic maelstrom of musical bliss this is a track that fizzles with the pain of the pen but channels it into an anthem of release and repair.

The bouncing bass blasts through the dissonant intro to create this thick and chewy backbone that the rest of the instrumentation and vocals wrap their sinew and strum around.

The lyrics instantly paint a vivid image of feeling out of place and at odds with a hostile environment. It’s a hazy blur tempered with nerve numbing nicotine.

The distortion on the vocals matches the messaging and it adds to the frenzy as it builds until it explodes into the chorus.

The chorus is a snarling, growling beast with an electric energy that fizzes from out the speaker and straight into your gut. Highly evocative and easily emotive.

Towards the end of the song there is a brief calm spell which turns the mood on its head to wallow in a meloncholic moment. It shows off aboynamedblu ability to play with the soundscape and structure. Reminds of Blur‘s Think Tank.

POSH BOYS CAN’T DO DRUGS‘ has a razor sharp hook that lodges itself in your cheek and fills your mouth with blood. Chanting along is a cathartic experience, spitting the red rage out along with the lyrics.

Check out the full album In A Room With No Floors.

Words by Matt Miles.

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